Advanced Analytics

Last week, we discussed Continuous Intelligence. When embarking on digitizing your supply chain, a first step is to shift responsibility for communicating current order status onto the suppliers resulting in the collection of real-time, actionable information for the business.

Benefitting from using advanced analytics

Sharing data throughout the enterprise

The next step in the digitization journey is to create a way to present this information to your stakeholders. The information has to be clear, useful, predictive, and actionable. Interactive dashboards need to be created for each of user group.

A distinct project view

For example, project managers in the field receive project specific information on material shipments to their site. This project portal gives a holistic view of the project that could then be filtered for shipments showing potential project impact. Which allow them to make better informed decisions directly impacting their project.

Overall Supply Chain improvement

Over time, you will clearly be able to see procurement, supplier, and logistics trends helping to optimize your supply chain leading into the discussion next week, Outcome Analysis. I hope you find this information useful. You can follow the link below or reach out to me directly to learn more about Lumatrak, Inc.

About Lumatrak

Lumatrak’s PULSE software offers you tools that will help make sense of the chaos by connecting the processes, systems and communications supporting your purchases from the time of purchase to final delivery to your site.