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In 2007, the world’s largest retail chain became dissatisfied with business as usual in construction projects. Like most companies in their industry, they operated a vast upstream supply chain without the benefit of end-to-end visibility to answer even basic questions, such as, “where is my material?”

Managing in the dark – basing decisions on outdated information and estimation – would no longer do. While this procedure was standard for most operations in the industry.the potential for savings in supplies, logistics and productivity appeared to be significant. Lumatrak was selected for the task by virtue of our track record for consolidating data for upstream suppliers.

The Process

Phase I – The first order of business was to methodically connect each and every upstream business partner to a cloud-based visibility hub, which also tied in to the retailer’s internal SAP enterprise resource planning system. The resulting technology collaboration yields near-real-time, global data and transaction information that goes well beyond track and trace. Lumatrak senses potential and actual disruptions and facilitates productive responses by means of automated alerts.

“Lumatrak literally changed our lives.”

 – Director, Project Management

Phase II – The business collaboration foundation laid in Phase I allowed for improved execution and performance tracking, management and analytics. Lumatrak provided the correct tools to execute just-in-time order fulfillment, to educate partners and associates for higher levels of performance and to add personal accountability throughout the supply chain. In other words, Lumatrak implemented total transparency.

Phase III – The ultimate benefit of Lumatrak is not merely a better-managed supply chain – it is a better constructed one. Lumatrak provided higher levels of performance reporting, which drove a deeper understanding of how to contain and control costs. These insights helped remodel and reshape the supply chain for continuous improvement, enabling the company be more agile in responding to changes in demand.


“’I don’t know’ is no longer acceptable into today’s highly connected world.”

– Steve Redden, Founder and CEO of Lumatrak

The Results

  • Visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain
  • Reduced waste
  • 20 white-collar associates advanced to higher value work
  • Increased efficiencies in process and execution
  • Reduced project hours
  • Effective Just-In-Time delivery
  • Early warning for exceptions and disruptions
  • Minimized excess inventory
  • Supplier accountability and performance scoring
  • Advanced business intelligence
  • Measurably Improved profitability

Download the Case Study