Creating a Collaborative Platform

Over the last several weeks, I have talked about my supply chain digitization journey while managing a multi-billion-dollar procurement organization for one of the largest retailers in the US. Over a period of several years, we developed a platform that provided continuous intelligence, advanced analytics, and outcome analysis for our supply chain.

Collaborative Responses
Disparate teams collaborate together

Increasing collaboration between your teams

Today, I want to focus on the need for an interactive and collaborative solution. The interactive and collaborative platform allows the user to update records in the data within the platform while allowing all other users to see the change, and the resulting impact of that change.

Live updates keeping your team synced

As an example, a supplier and customer agree to change a delivery date in the system. The supplier user makes the change to the record live in the platform at the time of the agreement. This information is immediately available to all users to assess impact.

True benefits of a fully unified team

By automating the collection of real-time intelligence, your organization, just like mine, can start to benefit from these massive impacts. It allowed our vendor partners to elevate that partnership. And with the real-time updates, our teams were acting with the latest information ensuring that our projects were being completed on time.

Overcoming Supply Chain Constraints

This is the conclusion of this series on Supply Chain Visibility. I hope you have found this useful as you consider the digitization of your supply chain. Next week, I am going to share my experience during the pandemic as production capacity and raw material availability diminished.

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