Continuous Intelligence

Last week, we shared the components of a digitized supply chain. These are:

  • Continuous Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Outcome Analysis
  • Collaborative Responses
Continuous intelligence visualization

Unpacking Continuous Intelligence

Today, we’re going to unpack the idea of Continuous Intelligence. Prior to digitizing the supply chain, there’s a lot of wasted time and resources in research, supplier communications, and business level communications to track and expedite materials to projects, including many organizations holding weekly, hours long meetings with a large number of associates involved.

Shifting the communication burden onto vendor partners

Through PULSE, you can shift the burden of communicating real-time order status to your suppliers and contractors creating a preemptive environment where you can see challenges in the supply chain before they become critical to your projects. As project schedules and conditions change, the platform can be used to communicate these changes and receive updates to order status.

Expanding on Advanced Analytics Next Week

In the next communication, we will expand on Advanced Analytics. We hope you find this information useful. You can follow the link below or reach out to us directly to learn more about Lumatrak, Inc.

About Lumatrak

Lumatrak’s PULSE software offers you tools that will help make sense of the chaos by connecting the processes, systems and communications supporting your purchases from the time of purchase to final delivery to your site.