Introducing Lumatrak’s Newest Team Member

Hal Capshaw recently joined Lumatrak after spending over a decade leading the procurement team supporting the real estate division of one of the largest retailers in the country. Hal was responsible for $3 billion in spend across operational supplies, merchandise fixtures, equipment and systems, building materials and services.

Hal Capshaw Headshot

Supply Chain Challenges Hal Faced

Hal’s team constantly faced challenges without clear visibility to their suppliers’ activity and the associated logistics of moving product to the projects. They dedicated significant resources to research, supplier communication, and communication to the business partners. They needed to develop a quick and easy way to identify and isolate the most critical problems within the supply chain, while communicating the status of all orders to the project managers in the field.  They found their solution in PULSE developed by Lumatrak, Inc.

Highlighting his experiences

Over the next several weeks, Lumatrak will be highlighting his experiences managing this spend and sharing insight into different challenges he faced. Hopefully, this will help you better manage your own indirect supply chain.

You can follow this link or reach out to me directly to learn more about Lumatrak, Inc.

About Lumatrak

Lumatrak’s PULSE software offers you tools that will help make sense of the chaos by connecting the processes, systems and communications supporting your purchases from the time of purchase to final delivery to your site.