Managing Supply Chain Resiliency

This note is the first in a series where Hal Capshaw will share his experiences leading a multi-billion-dollar procurement team.

Lessons from Covid-19

One of the most important lessons of Covid-19 on the supply chain professional is the need to access real-time, accurate information about the status of the supply chain. And, the need to build resiliency into the supply chain to offset the inevitable disruptions.

Strong Supply Chain

Digitizing your Supply Chain

When considering the digitization of your supply chain you should look for solutions that include:

  • Continuous intelligence – the ability to capture data in real-time
  • Advanced analytics – leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics to move from being reactive to proactive
  • Outcome analysis – testing options in the digital ecosystem to determine possible outcomes
  • Collaborative responses – connecting and collaborating in the ecosystem

Expanding on Continuous Intelligence Next Week

In our next communication, we will expand on Continuous Intelligence. We hope you will find this information useful.

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