Outcome Analysis

Last week, we touched on Advanced Analytics and the need to share supply chain status information with the broader stakeholder group in a clear, useful, predictive and actionable form. We achieved this through developing stakeholder specific modules.

Impact Analysis

Importance of getting my purchases onsite

Material delivery to projects is critical to the success of opening stores on schedule. Delayed materials result in missing dates. In some cases, a project would be left incomplete requiring the construction crew to return at a later date to install a fixture or piece of equipment.

Measuring outcomes leading to major improvements

The clear visibility to the supply chain status led to the optimization of the supply chain. My team was able to address opportunities for improvement (OFI) in the following areas:

  • ordering process
  • automation
  • project execution and scheduling
  • carrier selection
  • delivery modes

All of this improved on-time delivery of fixtures and equipment to our projects.

Creating opportunities for systemic improvements

As they developed OFI options, the team could apply these more broadly to a supplier selection/capacity model that would provide insight into the outcome of the decision.

Concluding this series with Collaborative Platform

I will conclude this series of emails with thoughts on a collaborative platform. I hope you will find this information useful. You can follow the link below or reach out to me directly to learn more about Lumatrak, Inc.

About Lumatrak

Lumatrak’s PULSE software offers you tools that will help make sense of the chaos by connecting the processes, systems and communications supporting your purchases from the time of purchase to final delivery to your site.