Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics Last week, we discussed Continuous Intelligence. When embarking on digitizing your supply chain, a first step is to shift responsibility for communicating current order status onto the suppliers resulting in the collection of real-time, actionable information for the business. Sharing data throughout the [Read More]

2024-01-22T17:49:57-06:00December 7, 2022|Business Tips, Indirect Spend|

Continuous Intelligence

Continuous Intelligence Last week, we shared the components of a digitized supply chain. These are: Continuous Intelligence Advanced Analytics Outcome Analysis Collaborative Responses Unpacking Continuous Intelligence Today, we're going to unpack the idea of Continuous Intelligence. Prior to digitizing the supply chain, there's a lot [Read More]

2024-01-22T17:49:57-06:00November 30, 2022|Business Tips, Indirect Spend|
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