Optimizing your GNFR Supply Chain

Optimizing your GNFR Supply Chain The goals of optimizing the Goods-Not-for-Resale (GNFR) supply chain include: Cost Savings By identifying and tracking GNFR expenses, a retail business can identify areas where cost savings can be made, such as by negotiating better prices with suppliers or standardizing [Read More]

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Increasing Supplier Accountability

Increasing Supplier Accountability Retail businesses rely heavily on their suppliers to provide a range of goods and services that are essential to their operations. Goods-not-for-resale (GNFR) spending represents a significant portion of a retail business's expenses and it is critical to ensure that suppliers are [Read More]

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Supplier Evaluation

Supplier Evaluation Reasons for reviewing existing Suppliers Regularly reviewing and evaluating the performance of existing suppliers is extremely important in the Goods-Not-for-Resale (GNFR) space of retail. There are several reasons why regular supplier performance reviews are important: Identifying areas for improvement Regular reviews allow a [Read More]

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics Last week, we discussed Continuous Intelligence. When embarking on digitizing your supply chain, a first step is to shift responsibility for communicating current order status onto the suppliers resulting in the collection of real-time, actionable information for the business. Sharing data throughout the [Read More]

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